COVID-19 Update And Event Changes

    The war against the “Coronavirus Disease 2019”, (COVID-19), pandemic is on. This novel strain of a respiratory disease appears to be more contagious than the flu by exhibiting a higher level of person-to-person spreading. This is a novel, or new strain, so humans do not have antibodies in their system. It is also very deadly to the elderly, immunocompromised and multiple chronic disease sufferers. All 50 states and Puerto Rico are effected with 164,000+ cases and 2,900+ deaths reported across the U.S., as I write this message. (At least 150 countries are effected with 800,000+ cases and 39,000+ deaths globally.)


    If we did nothing, this escalates to the millions in each category. Untold Human Suffering. Our Healthcare System Overwhelmed. Our Economy Devastated.


Instead, we have chosen to fight!

    In a truly remarkable mobilization of Government, Medicine, Science, Industry and Citizens, WE are making a difference.:

    - 8 weeks ago, tests that took 3 days for results and had a capacity of 1,000/day are now being replaced with news tests that have results in 5 minutes and can handle 20,000/day. They will start shipping this weekend.

    - Hospitals being created in record time in parks and large re-purposed buildings, or being floated into harbors.

    - Manufacturers retrofitting their factories to produce 10’s of millions of Personal Protection Equipment, PPE, items.

    - Donations of supplies, food and money coming in from individuals, non-profits and companies.

    - Human Clinical Trials started for the vaccine in less than 8 weeks, vs a typical 12+ month process.

    - At least 80%, or 265 million Americans are under Stay-At-Home orders. And a very large portion of all 335 million of us are following the Presidential/CDC 15 Day Guidelines by maintaining Social Distancing, staying home if they or a household member is sick….and WASHING OUR HANDS! These do and are, making a difference. We cannot stop now.

There is so much more!


Most of us are home. Please don’t forget those in Essential Industries. (these are just a few)

900,000 Physicians

2.9 million Nurses

320,000 Pharmacists

4 million other registered health care workers Saving Others, While Risking Themselves


1.7 million Walmart U.S. Employees

453,000 Kroger U.S. Employees

350,000 Target U.S. Employees

295,000 CVS U.S. Employees

Access to Food, Medicine and Household Products


103,000 Abbott Labs U.S. Employees

95,000 Roche U.S. Employees

60,000 Lab Corp U.S. Employees

45,000 Quest Labs U.S. Employees

21,000 Bayer U.S. Employees

Changing Healthcare at Record Speed


640,000 United States Postal Service

425,000 Fed Ex U.S. Employees

362,000 UPS U.S. Employees

Bringing the Outside World to the 265 Million of Us Staying Inside Our Homes


There are many more.

Be Kind

Be Patient

Be Thankful.


    One of the hardest hit industries that is not categorized as essential, is the restaurant industry. This industry employs 15+ million people here in the U.S., and the COVID-19 pandemic has put most of these businesses, their owners and the employees in a very tough situation. There are big chains in these numbers but there are also millions of local, small business owners of these establishments that could use a financial lifeline when we use the pick-up, delivery or drive through offerings that many are offering. “Our Favorite Restaurants”, are often the places we have created some of our happiest memories of family and friends during the good times. Let’s create some happy memories for the restaurants during this bad time.


    We are, of course, postponing all events that we have scheduled for the month of April, 2020. We appreciate your understanding that we will likely have to do the same for the month of May. When the time is safe, we will celebrate with a well-deserved toast with you in the future! In the meantime, please remember that most wine shops are still open and they employ about 150,000 people across the U.S.. Many have drive through windows and pick-up, and even Arkansas is allowing home delivery for a limited time.


    We will get through this stronger then ever. God Bless America!


Please stay safe and healthy,

Jim Langman

Langman Estate Winery


On a personal note - my younger brother, Dr. Bob, (Robert’s Muscat Canelli), is a physician who had major orthopedic surgery 3 weeks ago and was supposed to be off his foot for 6-8 weeks, went back to work last Monday. Why? “…my patients need me.” Be Thankful.

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